Bitswolee USB C to SD Card Camera Reader Adapter, Trail Game Camera Card Viewer Reader for Android Phone & Tablet (with Type-C and OTG Function)


· ★The USB C SD card camera reader is compatible with Secure Digital (Standard SD and SDHC) memory cards. Mini and Micro SD are supported when used with an adapter to fit the slot (adapter included).

· ★Data Transfer Speed -- 14MB/S~16MB/S. USB 2.0 speed ; The fast way to copy photos and video of your camera in a short time; You can share your photos and videos of your camera on your social network easily and freely. Release the space of your SD card and Backup your SD card.

· ★Support image format: JPEG/RAW; Support video format:H.264/ MPEG-4; Supporting SD card capacity less than 64GB (including 64GB); Do NOT support Wi-Fi SD card and SONY SD card. ★NOTE: The card reader can only recognize the photos in root folder named "DCIM" due to the limit of i0S system, please make sure of this point before use this card reader to import photos to your i Pad with USB C port..

· ★With the USB C to SD Card Camera Reader, Copy/view/save/delete/share photos and videos (and other data) from SD card to your phone & i Pad and watch and edit them easily, so you can view them on the gorgeous display and share them with family and friends anytime.

· ★Android Phone & Tablet with OTG need to have OTG function and with its Type-C receptacle. If the Android phone is without OTG and Type-C receptacle, then it is not working with the reader. If you are not sure about OTG, please download the USB Checker to see if your phone is compatible.

  • Brands Bitswolee
  • Product Code: BE526
  • Availability: 250

Product Function:
The usb c camera sd card reader can help to transfer the photos/videos between micro SD card (or SD card) and mobile phones and tablets with USB C ( TYPE C) port.

How to use?
1. Insert a memory card that contains photos or videos into the SD card Camera Reader.
2. Turn on Android phone & tablet and attach the Reader to the Micro USB receptacle.
3. On Android Phone & Tablet, after 5-10 seconds, you should be able to see the device ( for example, USB device/SD card) pop up in your file manager. If you don’t have a file manager, please download one from the store. You can view all photos and videos in your SD card and select the ones that you want to import.

Tips and troubleshooting:
★If photos or videos can't be tranferred, be sure the memory card is inserted properly into the SD Card Camera Reader. Completely unplug then reconnect them and try again.
★Make sure the SD card is a good one. Please be noted the Wi-Fi SD card and 128GB SD card are not supported.
★If you are using a mini or micro SD card with an adapter, make sure the adapter is a good one.
★Check if Android device is with OTG function and Micro USB receptacle.

This product support you :
1.Release the space of your SD card and Backup your SD card.
2.Share your photos and videos of your camera on your social network freely.
3.For photographers, SaveTime Much faster than using WiFi: Save money on the extra WiFi function for your camera.
4. Copy the movie from SD card to your iPhone & iPad and watch and edit them easily.
5. Import the photos and videos from your Dash cam (car black box), or home camera (with TF card), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (those with TF card to record the view).

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